Trust is so hard

My partner with ADHD lies to cover up shame or embarrassment. He will tell me he is doing something when he is not, or will lie that he didn't do something if he knows it would stir up conflict or I would not agree. On top of that, his communication style is such that his actions do not match his words- for example he will say he is "Wrapping up" at work and then won't be actually done until an hour later (I recognize no bad intentions) but it makes it very , very difficult to trust just about anything he says as reality, factual and accurate. Hell even text "On my way" before he's even in his car driving. It's almost a habitual, chronic overcompensation to make himself sound good and on top of things when in fact I see right through it. Trust, transparency and honesty to me are not only strong values I have AND they are everything to me in feeling a connection with a partner, feeling safe, etc. These issues have gone on for years and I am feeling hopeless :( I can logically know he isn't malicious and yet at same time I have to be honest with myself- I can't exist forever in a marriage like this.