Trusting your ADHD husband

My husband has had multiple Internet/phone sexual encounters with multiple women over the course of our seven year relationship. At one point we separated (he moved out) after he moved back in I found out from his son he had been out with a woman (he took the child with him!!) soon after that I became pregnant. Shortly after the baby was born he once again he was sexting and having women calling him again! At that point he agreed to marriage counseling and ADHD treatment. After one month he quit meds and counseling. According to him he didn't need it because he knows he is done with all that and he doesn't want to lose me and our children. He claimed he was addicted to the thrill of getting women to want him and he liked seeing how far they would go to have him. This makes me SICK when I think about it!! I feel like the past 10 months he has been on track and doing good (I keep him on a short leash). The fear that this is going to happen again is tearing me apart! I am back in college and working on my bachelors so I will have something to fall back on if it does. I have two children of my own and I take care of his too, I don't have a job (due to cost of daycare). My husband behaves like a big kid and resents my parenting him. He has put us in debt, he is so messy and unorganized, he is on the verge of losing his drivers license due to a large amount of tickets and wrecks, (we were lucky to find auto insurance). His unfaithfulness and childish behavior have made me less attracted to him. He is loving and always tells me he is attracted to me and wants me forever (even when he was cheating). I want to stay with him (if he stays faithful) but I cant seem to get the feelings I use to have for him back. When you know your adhd husband is impulsive, how do you learn to trust him again? How do you change the mother/child relationship with your adhd husband back into husband/wife relationship? -- P.S he will not take meds.