Trying to be normal

. " I just do my best to pretend to be normal and the adderall helps me fake it better."  a quote taken from ellameno. (HI, ellameno)

      I wanted to ask a question about this to all who have ADHD, if you feel comfortable enough to answer it. I know my ADHD husband has worked so hard at "trying to be normal" or at least trying to be like "everybody else". I think he KNOWS he's not like other people, and that's why he continually puts up a "front" or "a false self of who he would LIKE to be, or who he "thinks" he is. But, everyone can SEE that he's not the person he portrays himself to be.

I would LOVE it, if one day he would let his guard down enough to talk to me as the REAL person he is, not "this other person". The "other person" is a genius, with a genius IQ, and has a type A personality, and isn't a MORON like the rest or the people he knows. He's almost omnipotent and elevates himself to a higher level than the rest of us. (I think he has more than ADHD going  on)

Anyway, here's the QUESTION: Do most of you who have ADHD, try to "act" normal.....and/or try to "hide" the fact that you have ADHD? How does it bother you, and/or what do you see as the "good" things about it.

Thanks ahead of time.