Trying to keep my marriage

I am a husbant with ADHS and it is driving a wedge between my family and me.  I have just recently found out that I have this.  Now I am taking meds. for this.  However, my wife seems like it is not helping and the communication is just not there for her eather.  She needs to talk at night and I am normaly tired at the end of the day.  She wants me to sit there and look at her for the whole time.  I can not do this with out getting sleepy eyes as she calls it.  I really do not want this to happen and i try hard but when i start to walk and keep myself awake she gets mad.  I don't know what to do.  Need help and fast marriage is failing fast and I have many onther things to fix but this one would be the best benafit for both of use to fix now.  looking for some guidance on this for i have many other faults but going to do this one at a time and I hope that me now use this site and other people that are going throught this also will not only help me but them also.