Trying to Prevent Divorce

I, the husband, is the one with the ADHD. My wife and I separated, and my wife has not been willing to even text me for over a year.  I have been out of her house for two years ago, and she has filed for divorce.  As part of the divorce proceedings, I said that I would agree to the divorce, if she would go to a marriage weekend workshop.  She agreed. Now, I'm feeling highly conflicted.  Who said, "Before the gods destroy, first they answer our prayers?" My feelings fluctuate between elation that she is coming, and dread that the workshop will not convince her to end the marriage or at least get her to re-open channels of communication. Her responses are beyond my control.  All I can do is work on my, my self control.  

As a prelude to the workshop, I am working on myself, my sense of self worth, to reduce my reactivity, and to improve my communication skills.  I have reviewed resources from this website, as well as from the Gottman Institute and the Marriage Helper website.  How can I prepare myself to be able to manage my emotions (especially anger, rage) better when I get down there for the workshop?  In particular, I am looking for exercises where I am given a scenario, a conflict situation, and I then write appropriate responses?     

Thanks for your moral support.