Uncomfortable, and losing friends

I am feeling unhappy about the position that dh's add has put me in. He has a really bad temper, and lots of irritability. He does not want to "babysit" our kids. This all results in me having very few friends-- I hardly ever get to go out without the kids, and I'm so busy with work and all of the chores and shopping that I can't even seem to find the time to meet a friend with a similar-aged child for a cup of coffee. A year ago, dh was arrested when I called 911 because he was drunk and angry and made some serious threats. He says he was not serious, and I was not sure if he was either, but it's not a chance I was going to take. The police evidently thought it was serious enough to cart him to jail. I left with the kids for a while. Now he is on ADD medication (NOT because of that, of course, but because several months afterwards, he decided that medication would help him focus more on his guitar practice...) and things are better, at least from 8am to 7pm. But the whole neighborhood has seen/heard his antics. And his arresting officer lives nearby and has kids the same age, in some of the same activities that my daughter is in. It is uncomfortable and embarrassing to stand around in the same room with this off-duty officer waiting for our kids. Not to mention, I am so stressed out that I am yelling more than I should and am cranky now too, and I'm sure the other moms see that.  I feel like my whole life has been destroyed. I am lonely at home, and lonely everywhere else. It would be great if I had the time or money to go take some fun class or something, but of course, he got laid off 6 weeks ago (I guess that's what happens when you mouth off to anyone in the office who doesn't "treat you with respect", and walk out at 5 every day regardless of whether the work is done, because it's not your problem).... guess who will be working harder to make up the lost income. I am exhausted with doing all of the child care, shopping, working full time... just thinking, remembering, organizing, and accomplishing every single thing for my 2 minor children and 1 adult baby, the house, bills, everyone's clothing, shoes, food, baths, cleaning, homework, all of it. I do everything, yet I am nothing. It's a good thing I don't get invited to parties, because I don't even have anything to say anymore.