Unintentional description of ADHD in the paper this week

In the Fashion & Style section of the NYT there is a forum called Modern Love that offers up personal narratives and advice on marriage. Last Thursday's guest writer for the Modern Love column opined on endurance and marriage in a piece called "The Wedding Toast I'll Never Give."  She is young and I wish I could take her aside and gently introduce the subject of ADHD. The beginning of the article reads as if it it were lifted from this very forum: 

While away at a conference in Minneapolis, I was awakened at dawn by a call from my husband in our New York apartment. Our 8-year-old son had just roused him with the suspicion that they might not make their 7:30 a.m. flight to join me because it was now 7:40 and they were still at home.

The original plan had us all traveling to Minneapolis together. I would attend my conference, my musician husband would do a show at this cool club, and our son would get hotel pool time: a triple win.

Then my husband was offered a great gig in New York for the same day we were set to leave, so he called to change his and our son’s tickets. Changing them, he learned, was going to cost more than buying a new pair of one-way tickets out. So he did that instead, planning to use their original return tickets, not realizing that if you don’t use the first leg, they cancel the second. That meant buying new return tickets at a cost somewhere between “Ugh” and “What have you done?”

Now, after all that, my family had missed the first leg of the new itinerary. On hold with the airline yet again, my husband was texting me sexy emojis.

“Focus,” I replied, with an emoji of an airplane.

He sent me an emoji of a flan.

Here is the link to the article  http://nyti.ms/1JkPRBt and I hope everybody who wishes to has a chance to read it before it disappears behind a paywall.