Unmedicated and trying to do Multi-tasking.

I just want to say that I am very frustrated at America as a whole. This isn't a political post, but this is a societal post. Why are the expectations on people so high to the point that everyone with ADHD must medicate? Manners, etiquette, respect, productivity, professionalism, appearance, organization, emotionless, resilient, patient... The rules that we must maintain at any given moment is overwhelming, complex, and to be frank unnecessary! And everyone knows that the more complex the rules and expectations are, the more likely someone with ADHD is going to have trouble doing it. So it is no surprise that we have a hard time in America; no one wants to be a "drone"! But I guess to be successful in America, we all have to be don't we?

bigger stuff

I think those with ADD who choose medication do so because they feel better, think more clearly, perform better at work and have better relationships with medication than without.  I'm not hearing that those who choose to take medication feel like "drones".  I don't have ADD... and in general, I don't feel like the "rules" of society are overwhelming, complex or unnecessary.  But I think I'm starting to understand why someone with ADD might feel that way.  Yet, I am a firm believer that multi-tasking doesn't really work... the people who think they are really good at multi-tasking are actually the worst at it, according to some research I have read.  I enjoy my life much more and really get more done, if I do one thing at a time.  My ADD guy sometimes thinks he's multi-tasking, but he's really just rapidly switching from one thing to another.  That's stimulating to him, and I think he enjoys it... so that's fine with me!  I can enjoy good friends and a good meal at the same time, but that's about the only multi-tasking that works for me.  Best wishes.

Not everyone who has ADHD

Not everyone who has ADHD should medicate. Certainly, no one should be so medicated they feel like a drone. I think anyone feeling over medicated should see their doctor ASAP. The problem you have with society is more complex. Societies must have a set of " rules" to live by. There is not one society that does not have certain expectation of its citizens. I know it is difficult for you ADHDers, but it really is up to you to figure out how to fit in. 

Part of the problem is that you do not come with a label on your forehead. If someone forgets a meetings with me, I have no way of knowing if they have ADHD, blew me off for something more exciting, or if it was just a rare event. When the same person does it multiple times, I don't know if they have ADHD, or are simply rude.