Untreated ADHD Spouse here and I need help

Hi. I've just started the reading the book and so far, the book has almost accurately described my situation with my husband currently. 

I fear I have ADHD as I'm unable to follow through all the tasks and promises I'm supposed to do and say. Currently my husband and I are not on good terms and he believes that I don't have ADHD and that I am just trying to fit into the ADHD criteria. But I honestly feel and think I have ADHD — I have been noticing that I only do what I am asked to do when my husband gets angry. I also have messed up my own financial plan that just this Monday my husband blew his gasket off at me that it destroyed his mood. 

I'm in Germany right now and seeking psychiatric help is difficult nowadays due to long wait times, amongst other reasons. I want to save our marriage while waiting for a chance to be treated. What should I do?