Update anyone?

How are things going at your house?

How are you coping/thriving?

ADHD symptoms are always very evident at our house, but they have been even more evident because of circumstances lately.  If I told you all I've had to do, all I've dealt with during this latest situation, you'd nod your heads along.  You've been there.

How am I - I've had some really down days this week.  Sometimes I just can't keep functioning with the shallowness of our relationship and with such dysfunction.  I want a life partner and true friend, but he isn't either of those.  And the older we get, the less likely it is that he ever will develop the skills to do that.  And in the last two months, he has revealed some deeper problems to me.  Will the surprises ever stop?  Will I ever stop being shocked by his thought processes and the fallout of those things?  Will there ever be growth instead of things worsening?   

Hopefully, hopefully, you will have better updates than I have.