Ups and Downs


I have been married to my husband for almost 4 years but I have know him for over 10.  I have always known about his ADHD and witnessed the mood swings and the few days a month of sluggish behavior when his prescription was out. Unitl now it never posed much of a problem with our relationship and marriage.  

Over the last few months though his behavior has changed and has startled me at times.  There have been a few times where he has snapped and lashed out against me verbally for things he hears, but nothing is being said.  He is hearing things that are not being said by myself, him or anyone else around.  Then that is immediately followed by anger and rage that I can't help him calm down from.   It's traumatizing when he out of nowhere will start yelling and storm out of a room yelling when we were having a perfectly good evening.  I called his psychiatrist because I was concerned and at the time he was on a high dosage of guanfacine which we dropped immediately and that seemed to help in the short term.  But more recently the behavior is coming back.  In part to the anger and rage he has become very accusatory of me saying I am emotionally abusing him.

I realize something I should have done sooner is read about adhd and the tips/strategies to have a healthy marriage with an ADHD spouse.  I have been reading a lot on it and understanding more how some of my actions can be emotional abuse even though that's never my intent.  

Based off my research I have my areas to improve on but what is most troubling is the randomness and unpredictability of his mood sometimes.  Has anyone else gone through a similar situation and feel comfortable sharing their advice?

Thanks so much in advance!