Using technology

I've seen mention of technology being used by adders to stay on track so I thought I'd throw this topic in here. How are you using technology to keep yourself (and others) sane?

I have ADHD and find some easy wins when I incorporate the use of external reminders. My iPhone gives me plenty of ways to do this. Alarms (you can set multiple alarms), timers, various app notifications, sync with calendar (everything goes into my Gmail calendar and my wife can even edit or make new appointments for me - she still doesn't realize this though - but the potential is there), SMS (please send me that grocery or _____ list via SMS!), etc. Have a thought? Find it in Safari and move on - next time I open it I'll see that thing I was thinking about for some reason and maybe find it was important, like a bill to pay or something. :)

We also love that annoying buzzer timer on the oven. I have to GET UP to turn it off. Set a timer and put a sticky note on it so you won't be wondering why the timer was set. You or your spouse can put the timer nextt o the thing that needs to get done even.

Anyway, I've found that by making something like my iPhone a constant in my quest to confuse/frustrate others less I am able to accomplish more... that is my perspective anyway. Some people are more accepting than others when I whip out my phone while they are talking to index that thought about something unrelated so I can revisit it later. My friends will say, "that's just Nate. He's still listening, don worry about it." Otherwise staring and "listening" alone will only ead to... not really listening.