Using technology

I've seen mention of technology being used by adders to stay on track so I thought I'd throw this topic in here. How are you using technology to keep yourself (and others) sane?

I have ADHD and find some easy wins when I incorporate the use of external reminders. My iPhone gives me plenty of ways to do this. Alarms (you can set multiple alarms), timers, various app notifications, sync with calendar (everything goes into my Gmail calendar and my wife can even edit or make new appointments for me - she still doesn't realize this though - but the potential is there), SMS (please send me that grocery or _____ list via SMS!), etc. Have a thought? Find it in Safari and move on - next time I open it I'll see that thing I was thinking about for some reason and maybe find it was important, like a bill to pay or something. :)

We also love that annoying buzzer timer on the oven. I have to GET UP to turn it off. Set a timer and put a sticky note on it so you won't be wondering why the timer was set. You or your spouse can put the timer nextt o the thing that needs to get done even.

Anyway, I've found that by making something like my iPhone a constant in my quest to confuse/frustrate others less I am able to accomplish more... that is my perspective anyway. Some people are more accepting than others when I whip out my phone while they are talking to index that thought about something unrelated so I can revisit it later. My friends will say, "that's just Nate. He's still listening, don worry about it." Otherwise staring and "listening" alone will only ead to... not really listening.
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Thank God I work in front of a computer all day

I had no idea I might have ADHD until recently... but for years I have relied on visual cues, and popup messages in Outlook (and now also Google calendar). I also write the details into my diary. If one is not available, I put a reminder into my phone to come up for when I will have the diary/computer.

Every week on Sunday evening, I write out a weekly calendar page (I bought a pad of these from a shop.)

I use post-its a lot. Every time I have to remember something, I write it on a post-it and put it in my pocket.

I build routines for myself, and while establishing it, the routine is in front of me for days, weeks, months.

I constantly check the time. I am overscheduled (unfortunately), but my hubby has much more severe ADHD (diagnosed), anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, so I am very, very busy.

What if you can't afford technology?

People with ADD often have money problems either do to overspending, poor credit or (this is my husband's case) underearning. What do you do if you can't afford an I-phone or even a regular cell phone? My husband has one from work but he's not allowed to text or use most of the other features because they cost. Neither of us have personal cell phones. Also, he never remembers to charge his cell, or he loses it.

They aren't allowed to access personal email at work, and I (as a full time student) usually monopolize the computer at home for homework and online classes.

We can't even afford Melissa's book (: nor can we take books out of the library because of fines due to the ADDer not returning books to the library that we are unable to pay .

Money problems are just another one of the things that get in the way of the ADDer and their spouse.

free books


One free resource for books is  i just went to check and they have The Disorganized Mind someone else here mentioned.  These books are not complete but sometimes have many pages you can read.  just sign up for a google account, and do searches for book titles.


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Tech Yes and No for ADD

My husband with ADD and it doesn't matter what tech you give him he still forget.  The tech suppose to make our life easier but for ADD I think it is full of distraction. Again... I am sure not all ADD but I know for my husband.... when he had the Iphone... he will play with it more than to put a reminder. Then when he didn't have the Iphone anymore... he complain that everything is on it and he can't function without it.

I think ADD people need to work and make a plan on how to used the tech and keep at it. But sometime they are full of distraction... and back to the simple basic... it might serve them better.

I used the outlook but I also put things around my house.... the most important thing I used my mind to remember things. 

For example: my husband doesn't know his cell phone number, he doesn't know the doc kids number or my work number.... he tells me that they are in the cell phone... but sometime he needs to fill out a form or someone ask him for the number... he looks at me to give him the information.

Tech is good but sometime we depend on it too much.  The mind needs a workout.. maybe ADD are not used it then that function disappear.

It Like saying..." If you don't used it, you will lose it". 

iPhone has been helpful

I've found that the iPhone has been kind of helpful.  I posted on another thread about this.  We have a to do list app on both of our phones.  I keep my to do list and his and send his items to him via email.  He then saves them on his list on his phone.  He doesn't use it like I do but he got a lot of things done once we started using this.   I just started doing this after I came to the realization that maybe he has ADD - he's not been diagnosed officially with this but he definitely has some traits.  After learning about the possible impact of adhd on marriage I decided it might be worth making a few changes on my part.  I'd always resisted making lists for him but he does better with lists just doesn't make lists for himself.  So I decided if making lists will help then I will make lists - as long as they are electronic so I'm not dealing with paper lists I make that he misplaces.  So this has had a positive impact.  I make the list anyway and it's much better when he does some of the stuff rather than me ending up doing it all.

As far as dealing with the cost of technology - it's obviously a challenge if you have financial issues.  I currently have under-earning (unemployed) spouse but fortunately I'm employed with a good job and I manage our finances (we were in agreement on this before marriage and before we ever heard of adhd/add) so we can afford the phones.

Which app do you use?  I've

Which app do you use?  I've been trying to find an app that will allowing syncing of task lists between iphones.


I find Toodledo to be useful.  It is available for the iPad and the iPhone and via the web.  The web version is free, and it sync's across multiple devices.  It is accessible to the iPhone via web with an iPhone-specific interface for free, but an actual iPhone/iPad app is $4.  While the basic service is free (and probably all you would need, since you can share the account with your spouse, and you can both update shared or assigned tasks), an upgrade provides a few more features  that might prove useful for sharing and delegating between partners. 

Another Toodledo Endorsement

I love this tool (Husband with ADD) for the following reasons:

1) It syncs between the web portal, iPhone and iPad devices I utilize.  Additionally, I can have my wife, kids and close family use the same account and they can add task with priorities, reminders and assign them to folders across all of their own devices.  (Example - my wife is at the doctor and needs me to pick up a script she dropped off earlier in the day.  She can add the task to my folder with a reminder an hour before it's due and it pops the reminder on my iPhone and hers.  If she puts notes in there that say it's my item then I can go take care of it.  It works both ways everyone using the same account synced to their devices can add task for the family.)

2) You can export the task to your desktop and then import them into outlook and other task management programs.  Thus every morning I can add specific folders of task to my work reminder system.

3) It streamlines communication on items that need to get done without a lot of discussion.  Obviously for important events discussion has to be had but for day to day task it's great.  

Obviously this only works if both people use iPhone/iPad technologies or are next to the web all day so they can check the web interface.  There is an Android version but it doesn't do the syncing piece as well which in my opinion makes it just like any other task management software.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. 

2Do Lite

I use 2Do Lite (free) but it doesn't really synchronize.  I have to send his to dos to him via email then he has to save into his app.  If he marks something as done, it doesn't mark it done on my list. 

I just wanted to add one site

I just wanted to add one site that has become a godsend for us!

Works like a dang charm and at least we no longer have "syncing our calendars" on our to do list!