I'm a new kid here. I figured out that I have ADHD about 9 months ago. I have found a doctor, am on Adderall (little if any effect yet), started a support group for adults since there was only a parents group. I'm 60+ years old. So I have lived for 60+years with untreated ADHD and the H is significant.

I have commonly taken at least part of my vacation alone, to visit my family (whom my wife does not care for) and to tour to some place I want to go without compromising and going/doing things on my vacation that I really don't want to do. My wife commonly goes to see our son and I join in later.

Is it just unreasonable to expect that I can get a week off work and go where I want when I want alone?

Occasionally it comes up and I think it might be on the horizon this year too. In the past if I can't have a 'vacation' I just stay home and work, that is less stress than a 'vacation' that is just more stress.

Do I sound like a spoiled brat?