Vacation - ADHD came along

I just came back from vacation with my wife, who only admits to having ADHD when it is a "you can't blame me because I have ADHD" excuse, and our two kids.

She almost left her body pillow in a hotel room--until I reminded her to check because she had previously had to buy new ones after leaving them in hotel rooms.

She lost her phone at Colonial Williamsburg.  She had almost lost it on our last big family vacation.  She goes through phones very quickly.  She got a new phone that night.  She then ruined the new phone at an amusement park.  Security from Williamsburg called me and said they found the phone.  I reminded her to call them back, but she kept putting it off.  She did finally call.  But her new phone is still not working and her old phone is not here yet. 

She almost killed my phone.  I wanted to put it in a locker, but she insisted that a sealed pouch she had would protect it from the rapids ride.  Water got in.  It did not receive data or calls for several hours.  It also showed an icon for headphones being plugged in.  Thankfully it got better.

She got into a fight a Williamsburg because she said something rather innocuous to a worker about what our ADHD daughter would like to do as an apprentice there.  Our daughter lost it.  She insisted she never said that. Further into my trying to calm her down, she complained about things that I am all to familiar with, such as my wife telling personal and medical inforamtion about us to strangers.

At Harpers Ferry, our daughter left us to find a bathroom.  My wife said she would look for her in the bathroom and I should look around the building we had been in.  I found her right away.  I could not call my wife because my phone was broken and I did not know where the bathroom she was going to was located.  So I waited. And waited.  I finally tried to find the bathroom and ran into our son.  He told me that my wife as shopping in the bookstore!  It did not occur to her that she should come back and tell me what she was doing first--despite similar things happening earlier in the trip.

Our daughter complained about not liking civil war cites, but she is crazy about Williamsburg--probably autism spectrum issues.  My wife tried discussing this with her, and our daughter erupted.  There was no reasoning with and her arguments made no sense.  So I tried to ask if we could drop the subject.  Nope, my wife pressed on.  She then told me I hurt her feelings, even though I explained that i was simply trying to avoid having our daughter continue screaming during the drive.  Oh, she did did not think our daughter was screaming.  We each had our own interpretation, both of which are equally valid.  Um, no.  There is such a thing as objective truth and our daughter was throwing a fit!  My wife often does not know when to back off and gets into big, big fights with our daughter.  She then said she felt that we were "piling up on her."  I pointed out that at no point did I take our daughter's side or say that my wife did anything wrong.  If we were not working together or focussing on the same issue, then I could not be "piling up on her."  Once again, this was a matter of her feelings.  That trumped any logic about what piling up on means.

On the way home, we went through a McDonalds drive thru window around 4:30.  None of us had eaten since breakfast.  I said I wanted a chicken sandwich.  She got done with everyone else's orders and then asked me if I wanted anything!  Uh, I haven't eaten since 9 am!  And I just told you I want a chicken sandwich!