A Very Distracted Couple.

In reading through this site I've read some great advice for dealing with your own, or your husband/wife's AD/HD. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for couples (like me and mine) who BOTH have AD/HD or ADD?

Both Have ADD

Laugh a lot.  Consider it a blessing that you both have experience with what it's like to have ADD so you can understand each other better.  Schedule time together (or you'll NEVER get any!).  Make sure you are both getting good treatment.  Consider communication training if you are having any trouble communicating with each other.  Consider hiring someone from outside to be the organizer of files, housework, etc so that you don't both feel overwhelmed.

Make a special place for car keys and mail.  Preferably right at the door where you enter your house most often.

Don't worry about whether your house is a mess(don't apologize for it!).  Don't expect to be just like the Jones down the street.  Revel in your uniqueness.  Oh, and did I say "laugh a lot"?!

Get a financial planner (or at least a financial plan, but a planner is better) who will make sure that you are saving adequately for your future (and not spending all your money in the now).  Try to find someone who doesn't make money every time you buy and sell so that you don't have to worry about the cost of making too many transactions.  Put as many bills as you can on auto pay so you don't have to pay fees for being late.

Kids will likely have ADD, too.  Enjoy them for who they are, and teach them to be self-advocates.  Help them find their passion as they grow.  Consider an IEP when the time comes so they can get extra help at school learning how to organize, etc, from people who may do it better than you do.  Help them love themselves for who they are.

Is that a good start?