Victim of mental health experts

I just read this weeks “weekly tips”.  I will say that I feel that both ADHD and ADHD partners of the victims of a terrible network of physicians, physiologist and psychiatrist that take health insurance. I work for a very large company that provides top notch physical and mental health coverage for my husband and I. I recently have renewed hope that an ADHD savvy doctor(s) could help save my marriage.  I contacted many just to find out that they don’t take my heath insurance.  None of them!! Not one!!   The avg 1st time visit is around $400 and then a high hourly rate thereafter.  Mind you at this point you don’t even know if you are a good fit.  No wonder mental illness is such an issue in America.      I see this journey now costing thousands of dollars.  Maybe to save my marriage. Maybe not.  Then my husband and I will move onto being broke from the counseling/doctor fees. We don’t need one more stress added to the pile of straws on the camels back.   I am losing hope