Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer Triangle

I ran across this website by Lynne Forrest the other day and when I read her descriptions of this psych- model it really was enlightening. ( I had one of those "Holy Shit!" this is good stuff moments )  I'm not endorsing anyone here or trying to make recommendations to anyone.....or assuming that this will be helpful or not for anyone else. (I found the sight randomly when I was searching for some things I was curious about)....but what I got out of it really helped answer a lot of questions ( or understand better? ) to many things I can see in myself and other people.  I find that when this happens for me, it gives me more perspective and consequently..... more compassion.  Better helps me change anger to compassion and that is never a bad thing. 

I wasn't even sure where I should put this topic here in this forum because it answered so many questions that I have had concerning:  anger, communication, intuition, memory and just simply being totally baffled at times when I have been confronted with certain people that seem to change personalities right in front of my eyes.....sometimes within the same conversation or even within the same sentence????  What I realized after reading this was that I wasn't so far off the mark but I couldn't put a name on what I was seeing until now.  This also include myself in so many situation I can think off when I really look closely to how I felt at the time and my behavior that followed.  Instead of trying to interpret this for anyone else who might be interested I'll just leave it here for you to decide for yourself......but I immediately thought of all the posts and questions here on this forum that might possibly be explained from this point of view.  I realize that not everyone responds to these things the way I do and it might not for you.  I have found however, that the more ways I can see the same thing ( explained differently)....the better I am able to understand and see these things myself and be less baffled overall!  lol

The one conclusion that I have made quite some time ago about myself regarding my ADHD compared to before I was diagnosed  is.......that possibly anyone  who has some kind of disability, disorder or handicap ( I know handicap is not PC anymore but I still think it has it's place in the dictionary... thinking like in golf here) or anything that makes them stand out in any way from the norm.......the likely hood of feeling like a victim to it at some point is very high.  I know for myself....this is absolutely true and  I can use all the help I can get!  lol