Video games

My husband is a total addict to video games.  He will of course deny it, but i know it's true and I am sure he knows it deep down inside too.  At one point, he played World of Warcraft.  It totally consumed his life.  He walked away from it a few times, once even telling me he could finally see how toxic it was to his life.  He put that game in front of everyone including his daughter.  He finally stopped playing a few years ago, moving on to another game called Star Wars the Old Republic.    He lost control with that one too.  He says over and over he is done with World of Warcraft...and yet he has been spending a lot of time watching videos about it. Which means he is wanting to play again.  He doesn't think I understand this about him, and maybe he cannot see it in himself as he lives in denial about most everything.


I found a resource for people who have gaming addictions, which can be worse that chemical addictions.


whats amazing in got me is reading the spouse,significant other forum is how similar so many of their stories are to my own experience and from what I have read here.  Esspecially about the addicted spouses accusations to the spouse who isn't gaming as being controlling and manipulative... The whole time trying to rationalize their neglectful and harmful behavior to their families.  I swear it was like reading my own husbands words to me.  


I am just so sick of the games.  It's amazing to me to see people who are so blind to their own actions justify their addictive behavior.  If my husband said the same things about cocaine or alcohol it would be clear to anyone, but because it's Wow or any other game people just think it's no big deal.  At least until the person they invested all their emotion and love into looks them in the eyes and says that a game is more imortant to them than their marriage or their spouse.  How sick is that?