A view into the mind of an ADD Husband

Let me first open with what most of you already expect from someone with ADD :).  I will do my best but make no promises to make updates to this on a weekly basis.

Purpose: my goal is to try and articulate on a weekly basis what goes through the mind of someone with ADD.  I hope over time this information will catalogue the struggles, successes, failures and experiences associated with treating and changing ADD behaviors.

Style: journal style with limited structure no committed topic on a weekly basis.

Feedback: I welcome any feedback and will do my best to respond to questions posted.  I only ask that we try to stay true to the purpose of the thread and any detailed discussion can be taken to new post "if needed".


  • Name: ADD Husband
  • Age: Early 30's
  • Location: US
  • Married: Yes 4 years
  • Kids: Yes 3
  • ADD: Yes diagnosed at 16 (prior to 2010 I had treated only through natural supplements)
  • Treatment: Dexedrine ER, Monthly Therapy Visits, Required Reading By Therapist (all 3 have been going for 2 years)
  • Work: Yes (never had problems at work have always held jobs consistently and get promoted every few years)
  • Education: Yes (got a masters/bachelors while single early 20's in 4 years only treating with natural methods)
  • Other relevant treatments: Low-T currently treated via weekly test. administration (self)

All future post will be content as described above.  Thanks for the read and I hope it helps.