Vynance vs. adderall -- major obsessive/hyperfocus issues

I'm new here on this forum.  I'm 45, married 20 years with 2 children.  I was tested and diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago and was on adderall XR for most of that time.  About 10 months ago, my dr changed me to regular Adderall because I was having trouble sleeping at night.  I've also been on focalin for about 10 months for anxiety/depression.  My problem with the ADHD is that I was constantly jumping from thing to thing, I could not finish a project if my life depended on it.  Well, I could if it was due the next day and then I'd stay up all night gettig it done.  The adderall seemed to help at first, but then it leveled off.  If I forgot to fill the prescription, I would notice it was out of my system the next day and then would feel the "hit" when I took another but then again, I would start to not notice it again.

So about 3 months ago my dr suggested I go to a new psychiatrist as I didn't like the one that diagnosed me with ADHD.  This new dr switched me from adderall to Vynance, starting at a lose dose and increasing.  The first weekend I was on it, i was hyperfocused on, of all things, solitaire.  I played it most of the weekend and it wasn't until a few days later that my husband wondered outloud if it had to do with the new med.  Now I'm stuck on playing 2 online games on my facebook.  I don't even like them really.  I play them and keep saying to myself "just one more game" and the next thing I know, it's been 2 hours.  My children will come in to talk to me and I'll talk with them, but I don't even remember the conversation, just back to playing that stupid game.  Or I will start to research say a new cable company on the computer and I get so involved that it takes forever and I don't realize that I've been messing with it forever until my husband asks what I'm doing and then he reminds me that it's not something that needs to be done right now and maybe I should instead pay some of our bills that are past due.

I'm going to call my dr as my home business is slipping and I need to know if this is normal or what is going on.  Does anyone else have issues like this?  I'm not jumping from thing to thing anymore, but this hyperfocus is maddening.