Not sure which category this question belongs in... Is it an ADD symptom to refuse to wait for anything?  We only go out for "dinner" at the mall food court because my guy can't wait 10, 20 minutes for a table... naturally not 45 minutes for a really busy place.  I'd be fine sharing a glass of wine at the bar while we wait.  We've gone to festivals and had to eat kettle corn for lunch because the line for the cajun or bbq was "too long".  Is this ADD or just my guy?

Nope its not just you...

My DH cant wait long enough to even go in a fast food restaurant, we always go through the drive through and even then he is like "screw it, lets just go".  He refuses to go to the store too because the other customers "walk to slow" and he hates waiting in the check out line.  In fact I cant remember the last time we went to the fair or a festival because the "crowds are annoying" and he "doesn't like dealing with people".  Same reason he will only take early morning classes at college....no other students to slow him down while hes walking across campus and sets his schedule up so his lunch time is as soon as the food court opens.  We wont even get to his impatience driving....needless to say I drive as much as possible!

So no its not just your guy....

You just described "Young Me"!

Fast food restaurants - Check I won't go inside, unless I have too. Too chaotic and the people don't know what they want and the employees are too slow.

Store/Malls (Especially) - Too chaotic and people just meander around at slow speeds, stopping in the middle of the walkways at random. (I get in, get out, Surgical Strike :)

Fairs/Outdoor Events - Exactly as you state and EVERYTHING is a money trap, especially with kids.

Morning classes - Check... I think better early and it's easier to park. Less crowded classes too :)

Driving (Improved with age) - Check, I used to have bad road rage, since being a dad I've given up the rage, but am still mad about the lack of courtesy and intelligence on the road. (I'm am Excellent driver) for real... I do all the driving (My DW get's a lot of my road rage loss credit I have to admit)



Depends on how hungry he is.

Depends on how hungry he is. If he's hungry, waiting with him is no fun. He's really grumpy when he's hungry. We do not have this issue eating out, although I have seen his patience wear too thin for my comfort before, he is usually very cordial and friendly to our waiter/waitress. He does fast food a lot. Having a drink at the bar while waiting is something he enjoys too. He is ADHD (H=impulse control issues, compulsivity) but does not have this issue to a degree that I would say it is a problem.