The Waiting Game

We are currently waiting for my husbands referral to go through for the local area psychiatrist that does adult ADHD diagnostic testing.

My DSS was recently diagnosed and during the process my spouse began realizing that he heavily related to what we came to know as symptoms during the process.

My husband has been being treated for 'depression' by our family doctor without significant results for probably two years.

Prior to DSS's diagnosis our marriage and family counselor had said it appeared my husband was exhibiting some OCD like behaviors.

The doctor felt there wasn't enough evidence to support that diagnosis.

Upon DSS's diagnosis we returned to the family doc after hearing 'highly heritable' from the child psychologist.

My husband has been extremely concerned that the one effect of the antidepressant he most notices is that it just plain takes the edge off of the guilt associated with the results of impulsive decisions

Along with the referral Impulse Control Disorder NOS was added to the Depression NOS diagnosis.

We've done a ton of counseling that has at times yielded little to no results and occasionally made things much, much worse. Occasionally there has been short term help that I know am realizing may have been
simply temporary  hyperfocus  moments on the relationship.

I've been getting counseling on my own to help with my part of things.

I will save the specifics of my personal anguish for another post.

My question is this: Please share with me how you found the strength to hang in there for hopes of a brighter tomorrow?

Thanks so much for sharing, just reading the posts in this forum has made me feel a bit less alone & for that I am grateful.

Waiting To Exhale

Finally we have an appointment date. I sure wish it was sooner. It's the end of the first week in June. It's been a rough few days on my end. Just getting through everything, thus far, to get to this point has been an oddessy of sorts. It's hard to keep hanging in there. Any support appreciated.

Congratulations on getting

Congratulations on getting one step closer! Waiting is something Im just not good at; I don't know anyone is. :) Meantime just breathe and be careful of your expectations. To your original question, how do you maintain hope: for me I trust in God that he's got his eye on all of this and that I wont be given a heavier burden than I can bear. Even if one simply believes therr is a purpose in everything, it makes sense to look for it. Even if things don't work out between me and my DH, I am going to be alright one day. THAT I have confidence in! I have learned a whole lot about myself so far and I am much wiser (i think) for this experience. These are things that sustain my hope, some days better than others. Let us know how the appointment goes; Im waiting with you!