The Walls may be coming down...

I'm not quite sure what has changed at my house lately, but in the last few weeks my DW's shields have seemingly dropped to a level I've not seen in a long time. It seemed to start about two weeks after the whole "Car Misunderstanding" with me asking her how much weight she had lost. I know this seems like an easy thing to say as a compliment, but weight has been a Hot Topic for so long that I did not ever make a compliment referencing her weight. I was tired of the old Groundhog Day weight arguments and noticed how much she had lost and said "Screw It" I'm going to ask how much she has lost and tell her how good she looks. I was kind of met with a reluctant response of "thanks, but I've only lost 24 lbs, not 90". I immediately reminded here that she always said she just wanted to lose 30 lbs and she would be real happy at this weight. I, on the other hand was 80 lbs overweight. Maybe she began talking to a friend at work or somebody else, but things have started improving since.

My marriage has stopped being a "Room Mate" situation, one of my other major issues, and I just cannot believe it. I have not done anything different lately, it just seems that "Little Positives" seem to be adding up and turning everything in a Much Needed positive direction!

Well... I am happily reporting a positive ADDer / Non-ADDer relationship that is trending upwards :)