watched the lie form--kind of funny

So I actually watched DH form a lie today while I stood there.  Now understand that this man lies like he breathes, so it's nothing new, just that I usually don't witness it actually happening.  It was kind of like an eclipse or a shooting star or something.

So the window on the drivers side door of DHs car has been cracked for probably a year.  He has told me it will cost $350 to fix.  This may or may not be accurate-I don't care enough to find out for sure.  So over the past year he has done many side jobs where the money was earmarked for that window, like I never saw the money, which is fine-we are fine at this moment money-wise.  And yet the window remains unfixed.  I have offered a few times when we could spare the $350 to pay for it out of our family budget and he has said that he will make the appointment and he never has.  I know that he has four credit cards each with a few thousand dollars on them that I am not contributing to the paying off of from our family money, so I gotta believe the "window money" is going toward those instead.  I have no idea what he has charged that adds up to that much.  

So this afternoon I asked him when his window was getting fixed since he did a side job about a month ago that paid enough for it (again).  And there was this long pause (I was in the other room).  And he says OH--this guy from my softball team knows someone who can do it cheaper.  He has been playing softball just this summer, like since June.  So I say OH that's great!  How much??  Long pause.  $200.  Again I say OH that's great!  Where is the shop?  Long pause.  Rogers Park.  (next neighborhood over).  me: OH that's super close--what's the name of the shop??  He has no idea.  He called them a few weeks ago, he'd have to look it up again.  When are they going to get back to you?  He has no idea.  So how dumb does he think I am--some unknown guy in some no name shop that he called some amount of time ago is going to get back to him some unknown time in the future??  Give me a break.  It was just so humorous to watch the lie take shape sentence by sentence.  There is no way on gods green earth he has EVER called ANY shop.  All the side job money has either been frittered away or is paying off credit cards...that are full of charges for nothing.  

Just so bizarre.  No, that's not the word.  I don't know what the word is.  How dumb do they think we are isn't even accurate.  They don't think about us that much or in that way.  It was such ah A-HA moment for me.  He has lied to me countless times before, so not that-just watching him assemble the untruths as he went along was really something.