waw! ADHD husband initiates a break up.

lets see how long this would last for! he wants out and first time he has come out clear and said it.I am not certain but maybe he thinks in his fantasy world the grass is greener on the other side,well I wish him all the best.My struggles today would be someone else struggles,my cries of today with him, would be my joys tomorrow without him.Whatever makes him happy then let it be,I only wish the best for him,I have my baggage and I love all my baggage but apparently it's to much for him and he is overwhelmed.Well I have a house on my name,my own business and I have my family.I would be fine.

I would be back to share his "so call break up'"I don't doubt him but there would be regrets.ha!!!!! he would be back,and if not then like I said,good luck Charlie.