Sometimes I feel like the anger and frustration of living with two ADD people (50 yr old husband/16 yr old son) is going to consume me.  As hard as I try to be understanding I am just so tired of doing 95% of the housework and having to ask repeatedly for the help that I do get.  I will say he helps with shuttling our kids around and will do things when I ask.  But rarely does he offer to do anything around the house or even seem to notice that there are things that need to get done!  I try not to nag but I get so angry when I ask nicely several times for specific tasks and usually they are put off or simply forgotten.  As if the ADD is not enough, the economy has greatly impacted my husband's job (and our lifestyle) as he is a homebuilder and business has been is a trickle for the past 4 years.  At least, we have managed to pay our bills and keep our business.  But he is now home 3-4 days during the week sitting on the couch watching TV and playing on his laptop.  He does do paperwork, email, etc part of the time...but it's still on the couch with the TV on and his feet up for hours a day.  It just drives me mad!!!  My whole routine is off kilter with him home all the time and it makes me angry to see him sitting there while I'm up trying to do what I need to do around the house.  My motivation lately has vanished.  All I want to do is lock my door and sleep.  Some days I just leave the house and find errands to run or go to the mall even when I don't really need to b/c I'm so tired of seeing him sit around!  He is finally trying Wellbutrin as he has been depressed due to the economic situation and it is supposed to help ADD as well.  I will hand it to him that he is finally trying medication and he has been seeing a counselor with me.  I don't know if any of is helping or not.  I still feel invisible most days and so tired of feeling taken advantage of.  I'm having a hard time managing the anger, frustration and stress.  I finally saw my dr today to start an anti-depressant.  That in itself makes me angry...the fact that I have need drugs to retain my sanity in this home with the way things are.  I guess I just needed to vent.  I've read enough of this site to know that I'm not alone.  So, if anyone wants to share words of encouragement that would be great.  I'm having a hard time seeing the positive today.