Does anyone have any advice on addictions and ADHD. My husband was recently diagnosed and he has smoked Marijana our entire relationship, however recently he has been doing it more (he smokes before work and after work multiple times) and he also has been drinking more (he doesn't drink everyday but when he does he drinks a lot and it'll just be us hanging out and I'm not even drinking) he has agreed the drinking is a problem and is trying to stop but I also have an issue with how much Marijana he is smoking and how it affects the meds and his ADHD I just don't know if I should bring it up while he trying to stop drinking is it to much all at once, should I even say anything because he's been doing it our entire marriage? I just worry about the impacts it will have on my son, why is daddy always going to the garage or if he sees it, or if he smells it I just feel lost and unsure of how to proceed with these addiction issues on top of new ADHD, a young son, his refusing to take on healthy eating or exercising habits, I'm so frustrated. Any advice or experience?