The weekend lover..

My husband gets all excited when Friday comes,he can't wait for me to come spend the weekends with him and I love that but,one problem,when it's time to go home on Sundays he gets all upset and throws mood swings and wants to get into serious fights over nonsense.There is nothing we can do at this moment to change our living situation ,and because I am a mother of two kids ,I have to get back home to do my motherly duties,it's a must..ADHD or not what is so hard in understanding that I have my life as is and in a certain way the same way he met me..Living with him is a no no as I explained in one of my forums that I am not prepare to have my kids living with a man such as him..So I take my relationship on the out side of my home away form my kids where they are safe at home with their loving grandmother(my mother).Fridays we will go dancing,liming,drinking a bit love up here love up there love love love for so..Too much kisses, hugs,he makes excellent dishes, and my profession is being a chef so I would cook great dishes too...the sex is awesome, the time we would spend together is amazing through Friday evening into Saturday and then would come Sunday..OH oh..Sunday is the day his joys turn straight Into sorrows..He don't want me to leave which I sometimes too myself get sad but in a few seconds I get it over with ,as soon as I reach home and see my kids I am good.Not so with the weekend lover boy, he stays into a depression untill  Friday arrives again..and it's not like I don't go by him EVERY SINGLE EVENING after work for a few hours and spend time with him or be there or cook or anything like that, I am always there as if I am living there the only difference is that I don't spend the night during the week...The same thing has been happening for over a period of time now and it's frustrating me to the point of no return..I could understand his wants and needs and it's the same thing everyone would love,SOMEONE TO COME HOME TO.But that's if the feeling is mutual.If that someone is a controlling,manipulative,selfish,arrogant,unfaithful,foolish and etc etc..Whats the use in ever even posting forums about them how is it so hard to just LEAVE THEM!...I want a forever husband and companion during the week and on weekends too.................................from:lovehurtsalotwithanger.