Weird sense of humor

Dear Forum,

Does anyone else have a weird sense of humor? A sense of humor that is different than most? Does your mind race beyond the initial reference and go an extra nine yards to a destination not considered by most?

Have you discovered this in your daily lives?

How do you deal? Do you remain quiet or try to fit in?


I seem to go the other way.

I seem to go the other way. Sometimes I have to work hard to see what everyone else seems to think is funny.

Some things are just plain funny to me, and no one else seems to get it, and vise versa. 

From the Man on the Moon

From the Man on the Moon script: "Who are you trying to entertain? The audience... or yourself?"

Sometimes when you have a...quirky...sense of humor it doesn't matter if anyone else laughs. I used to think something was wrong with me, now I realize I'm a really funny person, just sometimes my "audience" doesn't have enough information to get the humor.

If I make myself laugh I could care less if anyone else gets it.


I tend to like quirky humor too. My favorite movies are Wes Anderson and Coen Brothers stuff and movies in that slant. I will watch them and laugh out loud at just about everything. I tend to go to a lot of movies alone.

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Absolutley! To the extent that I feel I need to bring duct tape when I am anywhere there is alcohol, so I can avoid saying things that are not considered appropriate (even if I was just kidding). But i'm sure i'd get a rash from removing/replacing it every time I wanted to take a sip of my drink.

There is a new forum called help for the adhd partner (or something like that). Adhders posting to adhders about our experiences. Would be great to see you guys there.