Does anyone have experience with this medication?

My husband's primary care physician diagnosed depression and "borderline ADHD" and gave him the lowest dose of Welbutrin.  His pyschologist held onto the ADHD diagnosis (he attended 6 sessions)

He did not attend his final appointment with the psychiatrist for final testing and diagnosis.  When I look back on the past, I see something besides ADHD.  However, I'm not going to make an armchair diagnosis.  I'll just say that I think there is a reason that Welbutrin worked so well for him - increased focus and leveled moods.  

His prescription bottle has been sitting in the same place for 4 days now, unfilled.  I am torn.  Do I act as his mother again?  Remind him to get it filled ? Remind him that removing the medication from his system cold turkey may create a rebound depression worse than what he had before?  Do I decide that he is an adult and let him deal with it?  All that is required is a call to the automated refill system and a ten minute trip to the pharmacy that is a half mile from our house.  

I guess I could do it myself although I have no access to his health insurance information, let alone the card? 

Do I assume make assumptions about what is going on in his mind?  There have been increased tensions in the house because of his latest inappropriate online activities.  I feel once again humiliated and barely speak to him.  Has his usually fatalistic mind come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what he does, it doesn't work?  I don't know.  He agreed that Welbutrin made him feel better than he has in a long time but he hasn't refilled his prescription.  I agreed with him, but added that a pill alone is not a solution.  

I'm so tired of being the parent.  If he doesn't want to help himself?...... what's left.  I feel like I've been dragged (drug?) through the mud these years and he won't do the absolute minimum to help himself. How can I see a future without any effort? 

I've already noticed increased fatigue and lethargy.  He's been the most "normal" he's ever been while on Welbutrin (about 6 months, lowest possible dose) - no depression, no euphoria. When he first started taking it, he became super productive. 

I can confirm one porn site.  He used a password I know.  It looks like he's been hitting it pretty heavy for the last 12 weeks.  He won't let me see his phone.  I hate being in my own home and hearing his phone ding with one notification after another while I'm in the next room. We need to get the house sold, with or without his cooperation. Neither one of us can carry the house individually.  I like Melissa's idea about a formal in house separation agreement to address things like this.  I will take care of that this weekend, Christmas be damned. 

Seriously can't refill a prescription but can spend hours looking up every insta-hoe in the universe? 

I'm so tired.