Well I am still desperate

I'm the non-spouse. It's been 11 years, most of which seem to have been hell. Again last night we had our every few months argument about the same old stuff. I've gotten my doctor to put me on welbutrin and had him up the dose at least once. She has even started talking about "separating our stuff." I'm 52, I changed my whole life to be with her. She's on Vyvanse and just as irritable as before. I'm massively overweight and she has been losing weight and is slim again. I guess at this point all options are on the table. The dog gets more attention than I do. God, I don't want to move again, don't want to start over. I'm the last thing on her list and she won't even touch me anymore. I don't really have any questions, I just want someone to know that I am out here.