Well I thought we were getting somewhere....but he quit his meds...

It's funny, I haven't been on this site in quite a while.  I remember someone on here once saying that only people who are miserable come on here...those whose spouse won't get help...etc.  And my husband decided to stop his meds last week and I'm back to being hurt and miserable.  I don't want to be dramatic....meds help him a good bit, but I didn't realize how much until he stopped them.  He's back in his own little world, less sensitive, more rude and mean to me, more impulsive, less self control.  I'm shocked at how much the meds effected him.  Problem is, he's still not 100% convinced he has ADD and has done zero reading/learning on the disorder.  He was taking Adderall and took it for about 6 months.  He was looking things up online about the drug last week and was reading about how certain people were experiencing particular side affects.  Then suddenly, after reading this, he magically had these symptoms, too!  He read how someone was itchy all over when taking Adderall.  When he got off the computer he began scratching himself all over!  And of course hasn't itched since, but claims he has that side affect, among others.  Anyway, he says he doesn't like taking a stimulant.  He told me he will take something else but hasn't done anything about that yet and probably won't-without MUCH prodding from me of course.  I want to find a therapist who's an expert in ADHD and have him go see them.  I don't know how to find one, but we have no money right now for one anyway.  We saw a therapist at the end of last year for a month or 2 but my husband's work got real slow and we ran out of money. 

I hate not "liking" my husband again!  It doesn't help that I just gave birth to our 3rd child last month and I've got the baby blues making me miserable.  I just want my husband back.  I am so overwhelmed with 3 kids, I need him more than ever right now.  It's so hurtful seeing him treat me like this, even though I know it's not all his fault.  Just hurts.

My husband went on and off several times

It took my husband a time or two of coming off meds and actually paying attention to the changes in himself to understand they were helping him. I think when he's on them, he really does think they don't matter that much and, honestly, I think he really resents having ADD and the meds are a symbol of it.

He's now quite set on staying on his meds. He's on Straterra, which seems to have fewer bothersome side-effects for him. He'll never be really organized or focused or remember to do things he needs to do but which don't interest him. But he is better.

Gosh! I feel for ya'!

My ADD hubby quit his meds for a time too but, he started acting so ugly I just bust out crying after he got angry about nothing again... He went back to the doctor after that! Been on his meds ever since. It was odd that he quit. He just thought he didn't need them anymore. He's the one who decided to see a doctor and asked me to find one for him in the first place! At the time, it was very difficult to get a doctor to acknowledge that there was such a thing as adult ADD. Thankfully, there are many in our area now. I've seen their information on line. Apparently you need a psychiatrist for a prescription and a psychologist, therapist or coach for counsel. I would look for someone specializing in adult ADD to get the help you need. And you should be sure to tell your doctor that you've got the baby blues! Maybe you can get a referral from them? Hang in there and take care!