Wellbutrin alone


Anyone have any experience taking just Wellbutrin for ADHD? Does it work? That's what they are starting off my husband on (100mg twice a day). He couldn't take anything in the Ritalin class. Seems like a lot of people take it in combo with other stuff, but not just by itself. I'd love to hear any success stories or tips on it. Coincidentally, I take it for anxiety (non-ADHD), and it helps but it's no magic pill. I need some magic for the husband.

My Dad takes it...

Before my ADD diagnosis, my mom was saying how negative my dad is every day. He wakes up mad at the world and stays that way all day. She went so far as to think he is a narcissist! Good grief... My dad and I are carbon copies in so many ways. Similar to my experience with Zoloft for depression, my dad told me he felt better for about 2 months, then it did not really seem to help anymore. After my diagnosis, I immediately called and talked to my mom about ADD and I was sure my dad had it too. ADD explained so much about his behavior and the way he felt. I went to their house and talked to both of them together and one on one. It made sense to both, but sadly he never went to get it confirmed. Old dog, New tricks, I guess... I don't see how just an anti-depressant will help a whole lot, but it can take the edge off a bit.

Maybe combined with therapy and a real determination to learn about ADD's affects on yourself improvement is possible. This was just my Very limited experience with anti-depressants. Follow the doctors orders, but I'm pretty sure there are some Non-Stimulant ADD Medications out there.  Be wishes :)



Mistakenly diagnosed with

Mistakenly diagnosed with depression a few years ago my (ADHD) husband was put on Wellbutrin and it made him extremely hostile and irritable. Another anti-depressant (Effexor) just about did him in, he completely fell apart..and was VERY hostile on it as well.

Straterra and Intuiv are two non-stimiulant ADHD meds. I would have a lot of questions about the choice in meds before I would start it, if I were him.