What are some resources for Parenting an ADHD Child?

I have become familiar with the main authorities/authors in the area of adult ADD after I was diagnosed a couple of years ago.  But who and what are the best resources for parenting an ADD child?  My son is 13 and was diagnosed at age 10 (that's how I discovered I have it too).  I am interested in finding some resources that help to teach life skills for his future as an adult and not just tips for getting him through school or etc.  I want to know how to best prepare him for LIFE?

I don't want him to go through the pain that I have as an adult OR the negative effects on his future marriage and wife.  I know it will already be different and hopefully better for him because he is aware of it now, thank goodness.  But I also want to focus on whatever strategies, skills and mindset he most needs to learn now for the best chance of success in adulthood.

Also, is there such a thing as a book specifically written for an ADD parent who is trying to raise an ADD child?  I feel like I am the blind leading the blind sometimes!  I can certainly sympathize with him, but often I have no idea how to HELP him!  But that is what I want more than anything--to help him.