What to do if it's over?

On the 3rd, she sat me down and told me it she was ending things. I'm acting the way I wish I can look back and be proud of. We have a daughter, 3 years old, were both exhausted, we have had other emotional issues going on and I can't stop trying to talk about them because I felt her pulling away so I chased after her. I've made every mistake possible, then began the ADHD effect on marriage yesterday and it's so triggering because it's just too late, but so accurate.


I don't know what I'm looking for here, I got diagnosed April last year and I'm not close to proper management yet. I just got through sorting medication and have begun therapy but I don't think my therapist is the right one. 

If it weren't for my daughter, I would just have comment dissociated but somehow I'm holding myself together where it's needed. I don't think I can ever go back to my job. It's very new and in not living it to, (I lost my other job about a month after my diagnosis) I feel too raw. I feel poisoned, and weak. I want been what I lost. It's not exactly the marriage, that's gone and it was a title anyway. What we were was far more than that. Bit more just about everything familiar and comfortable in my life has been changed and removed overnight. My birthday is on the weekend. I'm...just defeated.


I have one splinter of hope keeping me together and I'm terrified of losing it.


Thank you for listening.