What to do when it really is his fault?

I asked my husband to get something out of my car Friday (because I'd just got back from having surgery). Now I find out he's lost my car key. He swears he put it back in my purse and he didn't (because it's not there and I haven't touched my purse since). He refused to spend any time looking for it, spending the evening watching old TV shows on Hulu while I did housework. I start work next week. We discussed getting a new one from the dealership but there's no dealer for my make in our town, and I can't get to the dealer in the next county without a car. He works so late they are closed when he gets home. We can't afford a locksmith.

I just want him to take responsibility for what he did. I haven't yelled at him or been ugly. I just pointed out that I need it to get to work next week. His idea was that I could wait 3 hours after my shift until he gets off and can pick me up. NOT! I am sitting here baffled that my life is, once again, unraveling because of something he did and he's not taking care of it.