What to do when your husband has admitted he has ADHD, but wont do anything about it. Very Frustrating For A Non-ADHD Wife.

My husband told me a long time ago that he is on the spectrum for ADHD, but never has done anything about it. 

I have over the past year been doing my own journey of healing, of handling my anger, frustration and learning how to live in peace through therapy, and have now just realized that the issues in my marriage are from my husbands ADHD. Through my therapy I have learned how to be happy again, and take care of myself. I have learned how to enjoy my life again, and know that I'm the only one that can control my happiness. I just don't know how to control my frustration and emotions with dealing with my husbands ADHD. 

I have asked that he go to therapy for himself, but he refuses. Again he has told me he has ADHD. He is a therapist and works with kids that have ADHD, so I'm not sure why he doesn't want help with it. 

Well just looking to learn more on what I can do to make my life more peaceful with the situation.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for reading this. :)