What do you do if they abuse their ADHD meds?

My husband has ADHD and an addictive personality. He used to self-medicate many years ago with pills and alcohol but cleaned his act up and tries VERY hard to keep his crap together. He makes all of his appointments, etc. with no nagging. When he was originally prescribed adderall it was awesome. It worked for him, I could see the difference clearly and he was practically crying tears of joy. But then be became addicted. I tried everything from hiding his pills, to keeping them in a locked box to keeping them at a friends house. Long story short, nothing worked and we went through absolute hell for a while. If you've never been there I pray you never go. Anyway I laid down an ultimatum a few weeks ago as a last result and in order to prevent me from moving out temporarily, he confessed to his doctor and was weaned off adderall, never to be refilled again. Hallelujah. But my question is, what now? Do any of your ADHD spouses have addiction issues as well? I would think it must be very common so how the heck do you guys manage meds?! He has now been prescribed klonopin instead for anxiety which is only a symptom of the problem and also klonopin is a benzodiazepam which are of COURSE easily abused so I am nervous. I am able to be "in charge" of the meds but its a laugh as he epitomizes the saying "where there's a will, there's a way".

Has anyone else dealt with this?