What does your ADHD spouse consider a fun activity together?

What does your ADHD spouse consider a "fun" activity that you do together? My husband has always like going to the movies, I don't. I don't like it because to me, we aren't interacting with each other in any way. We are just sitting there in the dark staring at a really big television screen, and then going home. We haven't talked, interacted, shared anything, played together.......nothing. To me, it's the same as staying home watching television. But, he doesn't like doing anything ELSE. I like bowling, going to museums, or art shows, going to concerts, seeing interesting things in any town we are in,, going to a lake or park, and tons of things, even going to an arcade. But, if I suggest these things, he groans, and says, "Why don't we go to the movies?"  To me this DOESN'T help a married couple ENGAGE with each other at all. Does anyone else deal with this one? Since trying to fix ADHD affected marriages, part of it, is to DO THINGS TOGETHER where we can "engage' WITH each other. Any thoughts, anyone? Or, is this another one of those, "Live your lives separate kind of things?" How can a couple re-engage, if you can't DO fun things TOGETHER?