What have I done

to deserve this? I work hard. Pay the bills on time. Keep the house up and clean. Do the yard work, he does pay for someone to mow the yard. He is taken care of and I don't say  much about him helping. It's just easier to do it with out all the BS involved in getting him to help. You have to praise him when he does ANYTHING. He work also, it is all that is on his mind any more. The garage, the garage, the garage. It's a money pit. If we had to depend on it for all our income we would be broke!

In 2009 his mother got sick. she passed away this last April. I have been trying since June this year to get him to pay the back taxes on her place. " I'll get to it" This year is due too. " I'll get to it, it doesn't have to be done now" I drive by the court house twice a day. I tell him to give me a check and I'll pay it for you. "OK" nothing happens, he forgets. "Thus and so came into the garage to day and I had to blah, blah, blah. But I fixed it" over and over. Did you pay your Mothers taxes? "I forgot, didn't have time"

His brother and sister decided that because he was so good to his mother while she was sick that he should have the house trailer and 1/2 acre of land. This was so they didn't have to help pay anything for up-keep or taxes.

After talking and talking and talking to him to about changing the name on the deed so Medicaid can't step in and take it for moneys owed. And remember the taxes have not been paid, "I'll get to it, I haven't had time, I forgot"

I get all the paper work together for him, hand it to him and off he goes to the lawyer office. He did finely remember to make an appointment. They lawyer gets everything ready, got to the court house to file the new deed and guess what?  THE TAXES ARE STILL DUE! The lawyers office called this morning to tell him they can't do anything until the TAXES are paid. ALL OF THEM. So I call him at the garage to tell him this. He gets so defensive "I didn't have time. Have have soooo much to do. I can't do EVERYTHING by myself, I forgot" I have said that I would go and pay this for him, but HE HAS TO write me a check out of HIS account to do it. I am not paying for this. I paid the lawyer for him.

I think that I will go crazy. I really do. I have married a child. He just can't do anything for himself. And when he does it's half assed, late and with a lot of gripping. I thought that I was getting a loving partner, see "PARTNER" and I have ended up being a mother again! To a 51 year old baby. I know this is just a rant, but I am getting worn down. Soon there will be nothing left of me. What possessed me to marry this man after 11 years of being on my own. I was happy, I was sane, I thought. Financially secure, sort of in this day and age. WHY WHY WHY!!

And now I have his mother old Chihuahua here, bless her old blind heart, peeing on the carpets. AAGGGGGG Just kill me please!