What is he doing?

I had been gone for three days at a workshop.  I phoned him I would be home at 6:30 pm. It is after 11pm now. I have been home for over three hours. He wasn't home when I got here but when he came home he went to the garage.  He is sitting in the garage "putzing" with I don't know what, without eating dinner. Not coming in the house.  I am always the one to initiate every conversation. I am the one to try to communicate. He just doesn't participate. I feel like a fool.  I feel hated.  I feel alone and lonely. I am frustrated.  I am going to bed.  He didn't come in to say hello or eat dinner.  How does a person know if it is ADD or hatred or selfishness or rudeness?  My mind starts guessing, Is he hiding something?  Is he feeling guilty about something and doesn't want to face me? Does he not want to talk to me?  I can't even imagine doing something like that to even someone I wasn't married to much less the person I promised to love.  If someone I lived with even casually was gone for three days and came home, I would acknowledge that they came home.  I wouldn't forego dinner and ignore them so rudely.  Thanks for listening.  It helps to have a place to let someone know I am going through this.  You could say, why don't you go out to the garage to talk to him?  I have done that for 35 years.  I feel unloved and like a fool that I have to do that all the time and that he can sit there - what, obstinate or clueless?  I don't know, but it is weird and rude.

When he came in he went downstairs and ignored me. When I went downstairs and asked what he was doing in the garage all that time, he said he had to get the recycling done so he didn't have to do it tomorrow.  When I asked why he didn't come in for dinner, he said because he wasn't hungry.  I had not seen him for over 3 days, he didn't come to talk to me because he was "too busy" (taking appart appliances in our attached garage - recycling).  It is too odd.