What is the main frustration with your AD/HD relationship?

After a frustrating weekend with my AD/HD husband, I began to wonder what others found to be the most difficult thing when trying to peacefully co-exist with an AD/HD partner.  So if you could pinpoint one thing that would help your relationship if it didn't exist, what would it be?  This isn't a "bash" him/her post, but one that might help to see where the negative AD/HD behavior starts to reek havic on  relationships. 

I'll start. For me, it's his tone with the curt, rude, snarky, inconsiderate comments.  While he says that I'm being "overly-sensitive" and to "blow it off" I find that this makes me want to hurl that cast-iron skillet even more!

However, when he takes his medicine--regularly--his tone is much more patient and aware of how his behavior is coming across.  This tells me that this is an AD/HD thing for sure and it stems from chemical imbalance. (something we all probably already know, but nice to actually see it in motion!) I seem to have much more patience with him, but it's often like a see-saw. Up one day, down the next. This has to be the most trying thing, since he isn't a strong advocate for himself in searching new ways to deal with his AD/HD.

While I could name a few more, this one is at the top of my list. Any suggestions for dealing with this would be greatly appreciated!