What makes some people feel so entitled??

I truly do not understand what goes on in a person's mind, who refuses to be responsible, and do the work of a Wife or Husband....How can a person be raised by two working parents, finish high school and college, get a job and support themselves...Then take marriage vows, enter a marriage, and start living like life is just one big party...And they are the guest of honor, with no responsibilities??....It's not that these people weren't taught to work, and how to share....I guess it's possible to just justify using another person up for your own selfish agenda, without a thought??

What really baffles me about this type of a mind is, they seem to show genuine effort to be responsible (do the work) when it comes to the majority of people outside the home, and even children inside....It's just their spouse in most cases they refuse to come along side of in a responsible manner...It's not like they don't have friends, and family who are in healthy marital relationships, who daily do the work, and are being good examples for them to see....They see it acted out in life every day....They just refuse to discipline themselves to the role of a responsible husband or wife...And then justify it....They have to justify it, in order to live with themselves....This dynamic (mindset/ life style) is what causes so much pain, and broken homes...They just don't care about anything or anybody, (enough to own it, and work to change) as long as they put themselves in the easiest role possible in daily life....I hope I never really understand this (learn to think this way) type mind....

I may never know why a educated intelligent adult would live so intrusive and abusive to their spouse....But, I know why?...Because it's allowed!