What preparations are you making for aging?

I'm glad to see an article on this subject.


Nearly everyone, as they age, declines cognitively and/or physically.    What kind of decline it is matters to how it can be treated, or how one can adapt one's life to compensate the loss of mental or physical capacity.

Having ADHD is no magic protection against also going through general aging mental decline or early dementia, just as not having ADHD is no protection against aging or early dementia.

Perhaps because I'm a decade or two older than many active posters on this board, plus have been through enough years with friends and colleagues to watch some begin mental and physical decline in their midlife or late midlife, while others remain sharp as a tack and/or very vigorous, on into their 60s and 70s, I take the issues of this article as a serious matter.  I strongly believe that to live well into late middle age and on toward the years of being truly aged, you have to do some preparation and thinking about it.  So many posting on this board are already on the cusp of middle age, are middle aged or older.  What will happen in a household in later years, if there is ADHD in the couple?  What happens to someone whose ADHD has never been diagnosed or managed, when old age declines that we all go through add to that person's struggle with life.   None of us are Peter Pan.  Old age is vastly understudied by the medical establishment yet, as the article says. It's possible to live a third of your lifetime, now, among the truly elderly.

So I want to learn from you.  If you're in the process of learning about your own aging, what preparations are you making for its impact on your life?  If it is showing up in your life, how are you tackling it?