What questions help find a good ADHD couples therapist?

What questions are helpful in finding a couples therapist who really understands the dynamics of ADHD in a marriage? I wish more therapists/LCSW had websites sharing their philosophy. How do they effectively balance what works for both partners? The last one we went to let sessions just go on without any suggestions on how to communicate better and there wasn't any follow up at the next session if we ran out of time.

We went through 3 before

We went through 3 before finding magical #4...and she was the one who actually first suggested he might have ADHD. I would try to find them on the internet. A lot of them will be on Healthgrades and might list parts of their specialty. Do you have an official diagnosis? I would call around and ask a few questions of each counselor to see if they have specifically dealt with ADHD. Knowing what I know now (having the diagnosis) I wish I had gone through an 'interview' process before going to see each of our counselors because the ones who never dealt with the underlying causes of our issues and, like in your case, just let it be a 'he said, she said' hour long mess were a waste of time and money. Good Luck!