What really motivates ADHDers?


One of the posts on this forum opened up so much for me. I now understand why my wife (the ADHDer) does the things she does. I thought she wasn't interested in me, but I now know that's not the case. She matches ALL these symptoms described by many on this forum. Thank you so much.

I have a couple of questions to try and understand her better, hopefully someone has had a good experience with their ADHD spouse:

1. My wife leaves things unfinished, so many of them, except for when her mom or immediate family members ask. Then she gets in this frenzy and dedication to finish it. Any reason why I dont have this effect on her?

2. What is it that causes her to not want to be close to me? is it that she has too many thoughts going on in her head? is it that she's just not able to focus on me? what can make her non-ADHD spouse less attractive to her than all the errands she runs around to accomplish? I guess what I'm also asking in the question is: what are the types of tasks that keep an ADHD person's attention and interest?

3. What exactly in ADHD causes you to get EASILY frustrated with tasks that so many others can easily accomplish?

Any suggestions?

thanks so much!

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