What should people talk about before marriage?

In the spirit of making lemonade out of the lemon of a marriage that I ended up with (29 years on Sunday!), I'm trying to think of what I'd advise people contemplating marriage to talk to their prospective spouses about.  This is not intended to bash people with ADHD.  I think EVERYBODY should give more thought to marriage before they take the plunge.  Here are some things I've come up with; please share your thoughts, too!

Talk about your plans.  If your prospective spouse recoils at the words "plan" and "future," take note.  

Discuss how you feel about intentional change.  Does your prospective spouse think he or she is done developing and growing or does he or she think adults can purposely evolve and change?  

Explore your prospective spouse's approach to problem solving.  You WILL have problems when you're married; everyone does.  The difference is in how people deal with the problems.  

Observe your spouse's housekeeping habits.  If they bother you now, they will probably continue to bother you.