What is TMI when discussing earth-shattering relationship issues

Here's a little background on my situation:  married for almost 30 years; I've known of my husband's mental and emotional health issues for many years, although not about ADHD possibility until approximately 5 years ago; husband began withdrawing from family duties approximately 10 to 12 years ago; husband took "temporary" job as his parents' caregiver more than 4 years ago, at which time communication from him nearly ceased because he almost never initiates communication when he's not physically present; I filed for a legal separation in 2013 but decided to not follow through because of issues involving our finances and our children.  Most important, I've told my husband more times than I can count about my issues with our relationship.

So, I'm planning to let H know that I plan to file for a divorce later this year and that I'd like him to be thinking about property division.  Should I tell him, again, the reasons I'm dissatisfied with the marriage?  Is doing so a "good" thing because people with ADHD often forget things; or is doing so a "bad" thing because it will be akin to piling on? Or is it good or bad for reasons other than those I've mentioned?

I welcome any thoughts you'd like to share on this topic.b