What were the teen years like for your ADHD spouse (or yourself, the ADHD spouse)?

I'm real curious what the teen years were like for other ADHDers.  My ADHD husband didn't have the best years.  For most of his teen years he was EXTREMELY hyperfocused on one particular girl.  He was truly obsessed with her and he put so much time and energy and thought into dreaming about her, he wasn't able to experience any other things that a teen should experience.  It made it so he wasn't able to develop his social skills, grades weren't great despite his being very smart.  Everything else in his life suffered b/c of it.  He did very little about his feelings as far as actually wanting to date her or be with her b/c his self esteem was quite low.  In fact, about a year ago I found out that he feels that if he married this woman instead of me, that his life would have been much better.  You know, how many ADHDers aren't happy with their life, feel hopeless about the future.  So he unrealistically thought all would be fixed if he had simply married another gal.  He also thinks all would be fixed if we moved across the country to California-where he's from.  Or life would be better if we put a projector system with surround sound on the credit card (yes that did happen, no it didn't solve all our problems, it only made more problems). 

Anyway, I drifted a bit there.  So what were other ADHD teenagers like?