What would you do? Help for ADHD husband

My husband has ADHD and anxiety and depression.  He chose to become his elderly parents' full-time, 24/7 caregiver a few years ago.  Bad idea.  The depression has gotten worse.  I'm concerned about him.  He's resistant to getting help.  Last night, I looked up mental health clinics in the town where he lives with his parents (150 miles from our home, his old therapist, etc.).  This morning, I called him and said that I am strongly encouraging him to get mental health treatment and that I would be mailing him information.  I then told him that if he doesn't make an appointment with someone, I am strongly considering calling adult protective services on HIS behalf, because of his self-neglect.  He responded, essentially, by saying I could just call APS now.  How should I interpret this?